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    RACE Dividends

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    April 24, 23

    RACE Dividend Saftey

    RACE paid out 1.62% of its $1B earnings as dividends over the last 12 months.

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    Dividend Payout Ratio

    RACE's Dividend Payout Ratio of 1.618% is consideted safe for the Consumer Discretionary sector, indicating that the company retains enough earnings to support business growth.

    Interest Rate Coverage

    RACE's Interest Coverage Ratio of 19.341 indicates strong financial health with easy coverage of interest expenses.

    Income Quality

    RACE demonstrates robust income quality with consistent, high-quality earnings and a minimal risk of dividend cuts.

    RACE Dividend Growth

    Ferrari N.V.(RACE) offers a dividend yield of 0.59% and pays $2.60 in dividends per share. Explore the historical dividend growth of RACE.

    Dividend Stability

    RACE's dividend payments have shown inconsistency over the past 7 years with 1 dividend cuts.

    Dividend Growth

    RACE's dividend payments have increased by 20.776% annually over the last years.

    Earnings Growth

    RACE's earnings have grown by 10.677% annually over the last 5 years. This strong earnings growth suggests a stable and increasing income stream, supporting the sustainability and potential growth of dividend payouts.

    RACE Dividend Yield Attractiveness

    Ferrari N.V.(RACE) provides a dividend yield of 0.59%. Compare this with the averages of its peers, industry, and sector to see how it stacks up.

    Yield %









    Dividend Yield

    RACE's dividend yield of 0.592% is considered good compared to the sector average of 2.227%, providing a strong safety margin for investors.

    RACE Financials

    RACE Earnings Key Metrics

    RACE Q1, 2024 earnings compared to Q1, 2023.


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    RACE earnings and revenue history

    Gross Profit Margin vs Peers

    Profit margin ratio of RACE (0.498) is higher than the average of its peers (-0.013).

    Net Profit Margin vs Peers

    Net profit margin ratio of RACE (0.210) is higher than the average of its peers (-0.368).

    Revenue Growth

    RACE's revenue has grown modestly over the past 10 years, increasing by over 8.01%.

    RACE Return on Equity

    See how efficiently RACE generates profit for it's shareholders.


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    3. Strong

    Return on Equity vs Peers

    Return on Equity ratio of RACE (0.409) is higher than the average of its peers (-0.019).

    Return on Equity Growth

    RACE's Return on Equity has grown significantly over the past 10 years, increasing by over 14.48%.

    RACE FY, 2023 Revenue Breakdown

    See how RACE converts it's revenue into profit.

    RACE Balance Sheet Health

    RACE Balance Sheet Breakdown 2023


    1. Long Term Assets

    2. Cash & Equivalents

    3. Inventory

    4. Receivables

    5. Property Plant Equipments

    6. Others


    1. Short Term Debt

    2. Long Term Debt

    3. Account Payables

    4. Others

    RACE financial position analysis

    Short Term Liabilities

    RACE's short term assets($4B) can safely cover it's short term liabilities($1B).

    Long Term Liabilities

    RACE's short term assets($4B) can safely cover it's long term liabilities($4B).

    RACE Debt to Equity