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      About Li Lu

      Li Lu, a prominent figure in investment and finance, has an intriguing background. Born in China in the 1960s, he emerged as a prominent student leader during the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Escaping China, he achieved remarkable success as a value investor and hedge fund manager in the United States. While not widely known to the public, those in the finance industry consider him a brilliant mind and commend his investment strategy and philosophy.

      Li Lu's journey in the finance industry started with his enrollment at Columbia University as a student of physics, where he eventually switched to economics. After gaining experience in Wall Street firms such as T. Rowe Price and Citigroup, Li founded Himalaya Capital Management in 1997.

      One of the key factors that sets Li apart from other investors is his approach to investing. He believes in long-term investments and focuses on finding undervalued companies with the potential for significant growth.

      Li's investing philosophy is based on his belief that investing should not be a short-term game, but rather a long-term commitment. He emphasizes the importance of patient and disciplined investing, stating that "the stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient."


      What inspired Li Lu to become an investor?

      Li Lu was greatly influenced by legendary investors such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

      How did Li Lu develop his investment strategy?

      After studying at Columbia University's Business School, Li Lu became a protégé of Charlie Munger and learned the principles of value investing.

      What are some notable investments made by Li Lu?

      Li Lu's most famous investment was in BYD, a Chinese electric car company that he invested in before it became widely known. He also invested in other successful companies such as Alibaba and Berkshire Hathaway.

      What is Li Lu's investment philosophy?

      Li Lu follows the principles of value investing, which focus on finding undervalued companies with strong fundamentals and long-term potential. He also emphasizes the importance of having a margin of safety in investments and conducting thorough research before making any decisions. Additionally, he believes in holding onto investments for the long term rather than constantly buying and selling stocks. Overall, Li Lu's investment philosophy prioritizes patience, discipline, and a deep understanding of the companies he chooses to invest in. With this approach, Li Lu has achieved impressive returns and gained recognition as one of the most successful investors in the finance industry. He continues to inspire others with his unique perspective on investing and his determination to succeed against all odds.