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Dividend reinvestment is one of the most powerful long-term investment strategies. When you reinvest dividends, you benefit from the snowball effect of compounding returns.

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DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) Calculator

Search Dividend Yield

Search by symbol to get the current price and dividend yield.

Or select from a range of well-known dividend-paying stocks.

Dividend Yield

How much dividend does your investment earns, if you are not sure you can search by symbol.

Initial Contribution

Your intial investment, and your monthly contribution.

Recurring Contribution

How much do you want to invest each month and for how long

Dividend Tax Rate

Fill your dividend tax rate.


Fill how much you expect the dividend & share price to grow

DRIP Enabled

When DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) is activated, dividends will be automatically reinvested in the stock.

Dividend Stock Calculator

Our intuitive Dividend Calculator estimates the future value of your investments when reinvesting dividends.

  • Model compounding growth over custom timeframes
  • Factor in initial investment, share price, yield and growth
  • Analyze stocks, ETFs, and funds for US and Canadian Markets
  • To calculate dividends, the calculator factors in:

Initial Investment Amount

The starting value of your invested capital.

Recurring Investment

How much you want to invest each month and how long you'll continue contributions.

Ticker Symbol

The stock or ETF you want to analyze.

Current Share Price

The latest trading price of the security (real-time data ensures accuracy).

Dividend Yield

The dividend yield percentage. Higher yields distribute more dividend income to be reinvested.

Dividend Growth Rate

The expected annual growth rate of future dividend payouts.

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