Guy Spier Aquamarine Capital Management 13F Portfolio - Q3 2023

Guy Spier Portfolio Distribution

About Guy Spier

Guy Spier, an acclaimed value investor, is renowned for his principled investment strategy and remarkable stock portfolio. His investment approach, deeply influenced by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, emphasizes long-term value and ethical considerations.

Guy Spier 13F Portfolio Worth Over $212 Million

Guy Spier's 13F filing recently disclosed that his investment in Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is his most significant holding, valued at over $49,252,000. Additionally, he has made a significant investment in AXP, a credit card provider, with a total investment of more than $31,330,000. This investment has produced a 25% result.

Here's a detailed list of all the investments Guy Spier has made

Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del

Guy Spier's portfolio comprises shares of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Del, one of the world's largest conglomerates. This investment, with a market value of around $49.2 million, shows how much confidence Guy Spier has in Warren Buffet's investment strategy.

American Express Co

American Express Co is another significant holding in Guy Spier's portfolio, with a market value of around $31.3 million. The company, known for its financial services, has shown resilience in the market.

Bk Of America Corp

Bank of America Corp holds a significant position in Guy Spier's investments, accounting for around $21.02 million in market value. As a key player in the banking industry, this leading financial institution plays a crucial role.

Mastercard Incorporated

Guy Spier has invested in Mastercard Incorporated, a worldwide payments industry leader. With a market value of approximately $26 million, this investment reflects the potential for growth in the digital payment sector.

Ferrari N V

Ferrari N V, the luxury sports car manufacturer, holds a place in Guy Spier's portfolio with a market value of $23 million. This investment is a testament to the appeal of the iconic brand.

Micron Technology Inc

Micron Technology Inc, a leading semiconductor company, is worth around $13.6 million in Guy Spier's portfolio, indicating his confidence in the technology industry.

Moodys Corp

Moodys Corp, a prominent credit rating agency, holds a market value of $8.5 million in Spier's portfolio, indicating an awareness of the significance of credit evaluation in the financial industry.

Alibaba Group Hldg Ltd

Guy Spier has invested in Alibaba Group Hldg Ltd, a major player in e-commerce and technology. With a market value of $4.1 million, this investment indicates optimism about the growth potential of the Chinese market.

Daily Journal Corp

Daily Journal Corp, a publishing company, is part of Guy Spier's portfolio with a market value of $3.3 million. This investment demonstrates a diversified approach to the markets.

Seritage Growth Pptys

Seritage Growth Properties, a real estate company, is valued at $3.8 million in Guy Spier's portfolio. This investment showcases a strategic approach to diversifying across various asset classes.

Alphabet Inc

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, holds a market value of $2.09 million in Guy Spier's portfolio. This investment reflects confidence in the tech giant's continued innovation.